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Very Good, Jeeves

Life With Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

Do Jeeves and Bertie Wooster really need another introduction to polite society?  The TV series and Wodehouse' general reputation are not at all misleading. The books are very funny, very well written, but repetitive in large doses.


The stories are all narrated by Bertie Wooster, who is not unreliable as much as clueless.  The humor comes from the distance between Bertie's description, and what the reader can surmise, as well as from the zany plots and delicious word play.


This omnibus edition contains three novels, The Inimitable Jeeves, Right Ho, Jeeves and Very Good Jeeves.  Reading them one after another got quite repetitive:  plot set-ups and even gags get reused, and there is little variation in tone.  A sweet and fluffy dessert but not a satisfying full meal.  The first two novels are nearly short stories strung together, and could easily be read a few chapters at a time at uncertain intervals in between bouts of heavier reading or (gasp) attention to real life.